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  • Weidmueller Tension clamp technology
  • Weidmueller Tension clamp technology

Weidmueller Tension clamp technology

2015-06-29 15:08:57


For a zero-maintenance, vibration-proof connection: the stainless steel spring is the screw-less connection alternative for cross-sections up to 35 mm². Available in standard and Roof Style versions and for connection cross-sections from 0.05 mm² to 35 mm². Weidmüller Z-Series modular terminals with the tension clamp connection are specially tailored to customers' requirements: Compact dimensions Large marking surface Integrated test point Cross-connection capability within the Z series and to other Weidmüller families……



WeiCoS - Weidmüller Connection System

A means of rapidly and correctly connecting prefabricated functional units – such as lamps and door controls, roll back looms and control cabinets – to the existing installation. The solution: Weidmüller's pluggable terminal system.Modular and flexible connection systems are especially in demand where complete functional units have to be prefabricated or replaced. This is where WeiCoS comes in – Weidmüller Connection System – the new generation of pluggable terminals.The advantages of this technology are obvious:Quick installation saves costsFunctional units tested in the factoryQuick and easy on-site replacementPre-assembled cables for quicker final installationSpring contact for isolation of electrical and mechanical functions 


Miniature terminal blocks

With a structural width of only 5 mm (2 connections) or 10 mm (4 connections), the TOP connection system guarantees clearly organised wiring of circuits, even in terminal boxes with restricted space.Made of Weidmüller's top quality WEMID insulation, all block terminals comply with requirements for a V0 flammability class to UL94.4 fastening options available:Direct mounting with screw fastening on mounting plateClip-on fastening on mounting platesInstallation on terminal rail TS 15Installation on terminal rail TS 15/35


ZVL 1.5 - Modular distribution system

Easy, money-saving installationZPV 1.5 is modular. You decide on site the number of poles you needThe blocks can be modified in secondsZPV 1.5 with 4 element bays forms the basis of the systemNo electrical connection between the individual rowsZVL 1.5 fits into the smallest enclosureConvenient marking and partitioningMarking positions on base element and marking holderMarking holders with and without spigotsEasy to read matrix markingElectrical separation along a row using marking holdersEasy to assemble and quick to dismantleThe ZVL 1.5 distribution strips are simply latched into the base element.Unbelievably easy to dismantle, even when wired up – just lever out the distributor strip with a screwdriver.The modular solution as:an initiator terminalan actuator terminalor a combinedfeed-through terminal (A, B, C)and electrical distribution terminal (X, Y)