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  • Omron Servo Motors Accurax G5

Omron Servo Motors Accurax G5

2015-06-29 12:59:49


Omron We offer a wide range of servo systems from 50W to 55KW power size. The Accurax G5 gives you that extra edge to build faster, accurate, smaller and safer machines while the SmartStep series are the servo alternative for stepper motors. >>……


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Accurax G5View large imageAt the heart of every great machineAccurax G5 gives you that extra edge to build faster, accurate, smaller and safer machines. You will gain almost 25% in motor weight reduction and 50% cabinet space saving. You will achieve sub micron precision and ms settling time.EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-II and Analog/Pulse drive modelsFrequency response of 2kHzSafety conforming to ISO13849-1 (PL d)High accuracy provided by 20 bit encoderDrive Programming: embedded indexer functionality in the Analogue/Pulse modelsAdvanced vibration suppressionFull closed loop encoder built-inDouble registration input provides application versatilityRotary motors from 50 W up to 15 kWIronless and iron-core linear motor typesDo you want to use Accurax G5 for a packaging application? Learn how you can use the Accurax G5 with the predefined library of easy positioning function blocks to incorporate real-time motion control and learn how advanced robotic motion control over EtherCAT can deliver exceptional performance for your packaging applications.Find this product in another countrySend me a brochureSend me a quotationContact me

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