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  • Siemens valve positioner 6DR5110

Siemens valve positioner 6DR5110

2015-06-24 15:36:57


SIPART PS2 positioners offer decisive advantages: • Simple installation and automatic commissioning (self-adjustment of zero and span) • Simple operation with - Local operation (manual operation) and configuration of the device using three buttons and a user-friendly two-line display - Parameterization via SIMATIC PDM • Very high-quality control thanks to an online adaptation procedure • Negligible air consumption in stationary operation • "Tight closing" function (ensures maximum positioning pressure on the valve seat)……


New Products

Siemens 6DR5220-0EG00-0AA0 SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner for pneumatic linear and actuators

SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner for pneumatic linear and part-turn actuators; 2-,3-,4-wire; 4...20mA with HART-interface; double action; polycarbonate enclosure with fixable slipping clutch with explosion protection (ATEX/IECEx/FM/CSA); Intrinsic safety Connection thread el.: M20x1.5 / pneu.: G 1/4 without limit monitor without option module . Brief instructions German / English / Chinese . without mounted pressure gauge block

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Siemens 7MF4033-1BA10-2AB6 SITRANS transmitter

SITRANS P DS III / P410, HART,4-20 mA transmitter for pressure Measuring cell filling silicone oil, normal cleaning Span: 0,01 ... 1 bar g (0.15 ... 14.5 psi g), overload limit 6 bar Diaphragm stainless steel, measuring cell stainless steel Female thread 1/2-14 NPT Die-cast aluminium housing International design english inscription and documentation as cd None explosion protection Electric connection and cable inlet: cable gland M20 x 1.5 Housing cover with window



Quick Details

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Pressure: Medium Pressure

  • Power: Pneumatic

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature

  • Media: Gas

  • Place of Origin: Germany

  • Model Number: 6DR5010-0NN00-0AA0

  • Brand Name: SIEMENS

  • Expolsiion proof: Non / Ex proof

  • Standard or Nonstandard:: Standard

  • Structure:: Diaphragm

  • Pressure:: High Pressure

  • Power:: Pneumatic

  • Material:: Stainless Steel

  • Temperature of Media:: Medium Temperature

  • Media:: Gas

  • Place of Origin:: Germany

  • Model Number:: SIPART PS2

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Each set in Siemens valve positioner oringal box.
Delivery Detail:4 Weeks after payment, and depend on the quantity




1. Germany Original 
2.High Performance 
3.Competitive price 
4.One year Warranty

SIEMENS electrical valve positioner SIPART PS2  

Detail of  Siemens SIPART PS2:




Setpoint signal:

0/4–20 mA analog, HART, PROFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus protocol
Stroke range:3 mm to  130 mm 
0.1 inch (1/8”) to 7.9 inch (7.5”) (larger strokes on request)
Slewing angle range:30° to 100°
Ambient temperature:-30 °C to +80 °C (-22 °F to 176 °F) (other temperature ranges on request)
Required air qualityClass 2 in accordance with ISO 8573-1
Max  air bleed in settled state< 0.036 m3n/h (0.02 scfm)















siemens valve positioner Model

6DR5020-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5110-0NG00-0AA0
6DR5220-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5020-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5020-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5120-0NG00-0AA0
6DR5110-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NG13-0AA0 6DR5025-0EN01-0AA0 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA0
6DR5010-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NG01-0AA0 6DR5010-0EN01-0AA0 6DR5120-0NG01-0AA0
6DR5020-0EG00-0AA06DR5020-0NG01-0AA0 6DR5020-0EN01-0AA0 6DR5110-0NG01-0AA1
6DR5020-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NG01-0AA16DR5010-0EN01-0AA1 6DR5120-0NG01-0AA2
6DR5310-0NG00-0BA1 6DR5020-0NG01-0AA2 6DR5020-0EN01-0AA2 6DR5011-0NG13-0AA0
6DR5120-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0EG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NM00-0AA0 6DR5120-0NN00-0AA0
6DR5210-0EG11-0AA1 6DR5020-0EG00-0AA06DR5020-0NM00-0AA0 6DR5120-ONG31-OAA2
6DR5210-0EG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0EG01-0AA0 6DR5010-0NM01-0AA0 6DR5220-OEN00-OAA0
6DR5110-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5020-0EG01-0AA06DR5020-0NM01-0AA06DR5310-0NG00-0AA0
6DR5310-0NG00-0BA1 6DR5010-0EG01-0AA1 6DR5010-0NM01-0AA1 6DR4004-8J
6DR5020-0NN03-0AA0 6DR5020-0EG01-0AA2 6DR5020-0NM01-0AA2 6DR4004-6J
6DR5120-0NN00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NN00-0AA06DR5010-0EM00-0AA0 6DR4004-7J
6DR5010-0ENC0-0AA0 6DR5020-0NN00-0AA06DR5020-0EM00-0AA06DR4004-1M
6DR5120-0NN00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NN01-0AA0 6DR5010-0EM01-0AA0 6DR4004-2M
6DR5120-0NN00-0AA0 6DR5020-0NN01-0AA0 6DR5020-0EM01-0AA06DR4004-8D
6DR5020-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5010-0NN01-0AA1 6DR5010-0EM01-0AA1 6DR4004-8VL
6DR5212-0EM00-0AA3 6DR5020-0NN01-0AA2 6DR5020-0EM01-0AA26DR4004-8V