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  • Yokogawa Operation Keyboard AIP830  Original Yokogawa

Yokogawa Operation Keyboard AIP830 Original Yokogawa

2015-06-19 14:13:41


Yokogawa Operation Keyboard AIP830 ; It contains an independent USB speaker (a sound function) other than buzzing alarms (buzzer sounds). An AIP830 keyboard can be used per one Desktop Type HIS.……

EXW China Term; Coutry of Origin: Singapore;

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Yokogawa Operation Keyboard AIP830 


For installation specifications and environmental conditions, which are common to the systems, refer to the GS 

“System Overview” (GS 33J01A10-01EN).

• Type: Flat keyboard (Sound Function: USB Speaker)

• PC Interface:

Interface Connector: USB A type x 2 (*1)

Conformable USB standard

Operation Keyboard Function : USB 2.0 (Full-speed, Bus-powered)

Sound Function : USB 1.1 (Full-speed, Bus-powered)

• Input Voltage: 5 V±5 % (Supplied from USB Port of PC)

• Maximum Consumption Current: 1 A

• Weight: Approx. 2.0kg (Without VESA Bracket), Approx. 2.5 kg (With VESA Braceket) (*2)

• Chassis Color: Black (Equivalent to Munsell No. N1.5)

• AIP830 belongs to IEC 61010-1 installation category Class I 

 (A device not directly connected with the main power supply).

• Operating Environment

Ambient temperature:

5 to 40 °C (for normal operaiton)

-20 to 60 °C (in storage and transportation)

Ambient humidity:

20 to 80 %RH (Non-condensing)

*1: Both connectors must always be connected directly to a computer.

*2: AIP830 with VESA Bracket must be mounted where it holds at least 10 kg of weight.


The Operation Keyboard is composed of both alphanumeric keys and special operation keys. 

It also has special window call keys grouped by function and 64 user-definable funciton keys which are used for 

process control and plant monitoring.



Model AIP830 Operation Keyboard for Single-loop Operation

Suffix Codes 

-0 Without Mode selection switch

-1 With Mode selection switch

 0 Operation confirmation key Type A

 1 Operation confirmation key Type B

 1 Always 1

Option Codes 

/VESA With VESA Bracket

/EIM With English Instruction Manual

/JIM With Japanese Instruction Manual

AIP830  Operation Keyboard for Single-loop Operation





AIP831 Operation Keyboard for Eight-loop Simultaneous Operation