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  • Hirschmann SPW202 Article number 695004666 switch mode power supply

Hirschmann SPW202 Article number 695004666 switch mode power supply

2018-10-12 14:42:08


Protection class IP 40……


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Hirschmann SPW202 Article number 695004666 switch mode power supply



- High efficiency switch mode power supply (> 88%).

- Indicator for DC and AC supply voltages enabling fast diagnosis.

- Power factor corrector which reduces power loss in feeding-net by

 75% (I²R).

- Ceramic capacitors in switch mode power supply secondary site,

 significantly improving lifetime, reliability and EMI.

- Only electrolytic capacitor on input site, stress protected by PFC.

- Protection by a self recovering fuse.


General data

Protection class IP 40

Housing material Die-cast zinc

AC connection Side Entry Header 3.81 mm

DC connection Side Entry Header 3.81 mm

Indication AC voltage LED colour blue

Indication DC voltage LED colour blue

Earthing connections Side Entry Header 3.81 mm

(separated for AC and DC)


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