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  • Hach APA6000 Alkalinity Analyzer 5100010

Hach APA6000 Alkalinity Analyzer 5100010

2018-09-20 13:48:01


Better than ± 5 % of reading or ± 1 mg/L whichever is greater……


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Hach APA6000 Alkalinity Analyzer 5100010



Better than ± 5 % of reading or ± 1 mg/L   whichever is greater

Analog   Outputs

Two 4-20 mA outputs suitable for   recorders or PID control. Output span programmable over any portion of the 1   to 500 mg/L range (130 Vac isolation from earth ground)

Calibration   Interval

60 minutes


NRTL certified to UL and CSA standards   and CE approved

Cycle   Time

8 minutes

Data   Communications Distance

Maximum node-to-node distance is 400 m   (1312'). Maximum total wire length is 500 m (1640')

Dimensions:   Depth


Dimensions:   Height


Dimensions:   Width


Dimensions   (H x W x D)

522 mm x 627 mm x 526 mm


Gravity, air break or vent recommended

Drain   Fitting

1/4" OD NPT barbed hose fitting

Enclosure   Rating

NEMA 4X (indoor)/IEC 529 (IP66) with   provision for air purge. Reagent enclosure is drip-proof.


Sample filter: 3/4" NPT male or   female


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APA6000 Alkalinity Analyzer 5100010


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