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  • WIKA Model BFT


2015-06-17 23:49:08


Model BFT Float For bypass level indicators……




  • Float for the monitoring of liquids in bypass level indicators

  • Individual design and corrosion resistant materials make the products suitable for a broad range of applications

  • Chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power plants

  • Process water and drinking water treatment, food industry, pharmaceutical industry

Special features

  • Sealed, pressure retaining design

  • Density range from 340 kg/m³

  • Pressures up to 400 bar

  • Medium temperatures from -196 ... +450 °C

  • Versions for interface layer


The model BFT float serves for the monitoring of liquids in bypass level indicators. The magnetic system built into the float transmits the liquid level, contact-free, to externally mounted displays, switches and sensors. Due to its omni-directional, radial magnetic field, a guide within the tube is not needed.


The design will depend on the application, chemical resistance and the 3 physical quantities of pressure, temperature and density.