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  • Siemens 6RA8025-6DS22-0AA0 SINAMICS DCM DC converter

Siemens 6RA8025-6DS22-0AA0 SINAMICS DCM DC converter

2018-07-23 16:38:38


SINAMICS DCM DC converter for two-quadrant drives B6C connection Input: 400V 3AC, 50 A controllable: Field rectifier D485/60 MRE-GEE6S22 Output: 485 V DC, 60A……


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Siemens 6RA8025-6DS22-0AA0 SINAMICS DCM DC converter


SINAMICS DCM DC converter for two-quadrant drives B6C connection Input: 400V 3AC, 50 A controllable: Field rectifier D485/60 MRE-GEE6S22 Output: 485 V DC, 60A


Article Number (Market Facing Number)


Product Description

SINAMICS DCM DC converter for two-quadrant   drives B6C connection Input: 400V 3AC, 50 A controllable: Field rectifier   D485/60 MRE-GEE6S22 Output: 485 V DC, 60A

Product Lifecycle (PLM)

PM300:Active Product

Delivery   information

Export Control Regulations

AL : N / ECCN : 3A991X

Standard lead time ex-works

10 Day/Days

Net Weight (kg)

12 Kg

Product Dimensions (W x L x H)

Not available

Packaging Dimension

380,00 x 520,00 x 390,00

Package size unit of measure


Quantity Unit

1 Piece

Packaging Quantity


Additional   Product Information


Not available



Commodity Code


LKZ_FDB/ CatalogID


Product Group


Country of origin


Compliance with the substance   restrictions according to RoHS directive

Since: 14.10.2009

Product class

D: products made to order / customer's   specifications, requiring engineering services, which cannot be re-used or   utilized (design to customer)

Obligation Category for taking back   electrical and electronic equipment after use

No obligation to take back electrical and   electronic equipment after use


        Version Classification

eClass     5.1   27-02-33-01

eClass     6     27-02-33-01

eClass     7.1   27-02-33-01

eClass     8     27-02-33-01

eClass     9     27-02-33-01

eClass     9.1   27-02-33-01

UNSPSC  14    39-12-20-01

UNSPSC  15    39-12-20-02


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