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  • Models T91.10, T91.20

Models T91.10, T91.20

2015-06-17 23:07:05


Analogue Temperature Transmitters Head Mounting DIN Form B or Head Mounting Form J……


New Products

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Rosemount 2051L2AA0FD21AAM5DFQ4 Level Transmitter Emerson Automation Measurement Instrumentation Level

Gain confidence with the reliable performance of the Rosemount 2051L Level Transmitter, a transmitter that provides level measurements with a variety of process connections, materials and output protocols.

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Rosemount 2051CG2A22A1AB4M5K7Q4Q Coplanar Pressure Transmitter Emerson Measurement Instrumentation Pressure

The Rosemount 2051 Coplanar Pressure Transmitter is industry-standard for differential and gage measurements.




  • Plant construction 

  • Power engineering 

  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration

Special Features

  • Designs for Pt100 / Pt1000 or thermocouples

  • Output 0 … 10 V, 3-wire design (T91.10) resp.
    4 … 20 mA, 2-wire design (T91.20)

  • Fault signal for sensor burnout

  • High accuracy

  • Compact and cost-effective


The analogue temperature transmitters of the T91 family are geared to the special requirements of industrial applications. Depending on their output signal they are ideally suited for direct connection to processors such as PLCs or PC-A/D converters with voltage or current inputs.

The transmitters convert the temperature-dependent change in resistance (for resistance thermometers) or the temperature-dependent change in voltage (for thermocouples) into a 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA output signal. These standard signals allow an easy and reliable transmission of temperature measurement values.

These temperature transmitters are characterised by fixed measuring ranges configured according to customer specifications, combined with zero and span potentiometers, which enable the fine adjustment of small corrections on site. Industry-compliant accuracy, interference resistance and sensor monitoring are further features of these compact signal converters.

The T91.10 head mounting transmitters can be mounted inside any DIN Form B connection head. In addition the T91.20 head mounting version is also suitable for Form J connection heads.