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  • MTL5541 one channel safety barrier products in stock now!

MTL5541 one channel safety barrier products in stock now!

2017-12-08 11:15:19


MTL5500 series safety barrier for your reference……


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Production overview


MTL5541 product specification

See also common specification
Number of channels
Location of transmitter
Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified
Div. 1, Group A hazardous location
Safe-area output
Signal range: 4 to 20mA
Under/over-range: 0 to 24mA
Safe-area load resistance (MTLx541)
@ 24mA: 0 to 360Ω
@ 20mA: 0 to 450Ω
Safe-area load (MTLx541S)
Current sink: 600Ω max.
Maximum voltage source: 24V dc
Safe-area circuit output resistance: > 1MΩ
Safe-area circuit ripple
< 50µA peak-to-peak
Hazardous-area input
Signal range: 0 to 24mA (including over-range)
Transmitter voltage: 16.5V at 20mA
Transfer accuracy at 20°C
Better than 15µA
Temperature drift
< 0.8µA/°C
Response time
Settles to within 10% of final value within 50µs
Communications supported
HART (terminals 1 & 2 only)
LED indicator
Green: power indication
Maximum current consumption (with 20mA signal)
51mA at 24V
Power dissipation within unit (with 20mA signal)
MTLx541 0.7W @ 24V dc
MTLx541S 1.0W @ 24V dc
Safety description
Terminals 2 to 1 and 3:
Uo=28V Io=93mA Po=651mW Um = 253V rms or dc
Terminals 1 to 3:
Simple apparatus ≤1.5V, ≤0.1A and ≤25mW; can be connected
without further certification into any IS loop with an open-circuit

voltage <28V

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