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  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves
  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves
  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves
  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves
  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves
  • Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves

Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves

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Emerson Rosemount 3051T-G/A-1/2/3/4/5-A/F/W/X/M-2B/2C/2F/61-2/3/7-1/2 In-Line Pressure Transmitter

Confidently measure pressure and level with the Rosemount 3051T In-Line Pressure Transmitter. Engineered for 10-year installed stability and 0.04% of span accuracy, this industry-leading pressure transmitter provides you with the information necessary to run, control and monitor processes. The Rosemount 3051 includes features that meet your pressure measurement needs, such as a wide rangedown and Power Advisory diagnostics and is suitable for safety installations.

Siemens LOGO! basic modules with display 6ED1052-1CC08-0BA0

LOGO! 24CE, logic module, Display PS/I/O: 24 V/24 V/24 V trans., 8 DI (4AI)/4DO, memory 400 blocks, modular expandable, Ethernet integr. web server, data log, user-defined Web pages, standard microSD card for LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 or higher, older projects executable

SMC Directional Control Valves Pilot Operated 5 Port Solenoid Valve Plug-in Type SY3000/5000/7000 SY7420-5L0ZD-02

Due to the flow increase, the valve size can be reduced! Saves energy and space Power consumption: 0.1 W (With power saving circuit)/0.35 W (Standard)

Eaton MTL4521/L-MTL5521 MTL Intrinsically Safety Intrinsically Safe Isolators MTL 5500 range solenoid driver

The MTLx521 and the MTL4521L are loop-powered modules which enable a device located in the hazardous area to be controlled from the safe area. They can all drive a certified intrinsically safe low-power load, as well as non-energy-storing simple apparatus such as an LED.



Norgren Sub-base solenoid valves Modules

SXE9573 SXE9574 SXP9575 SXE0573 V415A11D series

SXE9573-Z70-60-13J SXE9574-Z71-81-89N SXE9575-A71-00K SXP9575-170-00 SXE9574-180-00-E9K V415A11D-C313A

SXE9675-Z50-81-33N SXE9574-Z71-81-33N SXE0575-A50-00K SXP9673-180-00 SXE9574-180-00-E3K V415711D-C313A

SXE9575-A71-00-13J SXE9574-A81-00-19J SXE9875-A50-00K SXP9573-180-00 SXE9574-170-00-E9K V415611D-C313A

SXE9574-A80-00-19J SXE9574-A81-00-13J SXE9874-A60-00K SXP0574-180-00 SXE9574-170-00-E3K V415C11D-C313A

SXE0575-A50-00-13J SXE9574-A71-00-19J SXE9873-A60-00K SXP9574-180-00 SXE9573-180-00-E9K V415B11D-C313A

SXE9573-A80-00-19J SXE9574-A71-00-13J SXE9775-A50-00K SXP9775-170-00 SXE9573-180-00-E3K V415A11D-C318B

SXE0575-Z50-81K SXE9574-A70-00-19J SXE9774-A60-00K SXP0573-180-00 SXE9573-170-00-E9K V415A11D-C318A

SXE9675-A50-00-19J SXE9574-A70-00-13J SXE9773-A60-00K UM/22456/40 SXE9573-170-00-E3K V415A11D-C313B

SXE9675-A50-00-13J SXE9573-Z71-81-89N SXE9675-A50-00K SXP9774-180-00 SXE0573-850-01-D9M V415811D-C313A

SXE0575-A50-00-19J SXE9573-Z71-60-89N SXE9674-A60-00K SXP9675-170-00 SXE0573-850-01-D3M

SXE9574-A80-00-13J SXE9573-Z71-60-33N SXE9673-A60-00K SXP9674-180-00 SXE0573-160-00-D9M

SXE9573-Z71-81-33N SXE9573-Z71-60-19J SXE9575-A70-00K SXP9875-170-00 SXE0573-160-00-D3M

SXE0574-Z50-81-33N SXE9573-Z71-60-13J SXE9574-A81-00K SXP9773-180-00  

UM/22152/122/60/13J SXE9573-Z71-00-89N SXE9574-A80-00K SXP9874-180-00  

SXE9774-A60-00-13J SXE9573-Z71-00-33N SXE9573-A81-00K SXP9873-180-00  

SXE0575-Z50-81-33N SXE9573-Z70-60-89N SXE9573-A80-00K SXP0575-170-00  

UM/22456/172/61/19J SXE9573-Z70-60-33N SXE0574-A60-00K  

UM/22456/172/61/13J SXE9573-Z70-60-19J SXE0573-A60-00K  

UM/22253/6123/61/19J SXE9573-A81-00-19J    

UM/22253/6123/61/13J SXE9573-A81-00-13J    

UM/22152/122/81/89N SXE9573-A80-00-13J    

UM/22152/122/81/33N SXE9573-A76-00-19J    

UM/22152/122/60/19J SXE9573-A76-00-13J    

SXE9774-A60-00-19J SXE9573-A75-00-19J    

SXE9675-Z50-81-89N SXE9573-A75-00-13J    

SXE9674-A60-00-19J SXE9573-A70-00-19J    

SXE9674-A60-00-13J SXE9573-A70-00-13J    

SXE9575-A71-00-19J SXE9561-A70-00/19J    

SXE9575-A70-00-19J SXE9561-A70-00/13J    

SXE9575-A70-00-13J SXE0575-Z50-81-89N